Tutorial Videos

View tutorial videos to get a better understanding
on how to use our product
1. Understanding Map View
Welcome to PredictedProperty. Now that you have made you way into our application, you are met with the Property Search page/map. This is where you can go to see the leads we have found for you. To gain more information on the property, click on the icons shown on the map.
2. Understanding Map View Part 2
Our map feature allows you to do searches on your exclusive properties by drawing an area. You are able to filtered searches using various permieters of the property. It's not necessary to do searches with filters, you can have searches return all properties. There is a limitation on how many properties can be searched at one time. So be aware of that and have fun searching.
3. Understanding List View
Accompanying our Map View, you can check out your exclusive properties in a List View. This view is useful to view more information about many properties as one time, as well as filtering results. You can toggle information columns on and off here as there are over 40+ columns. You can also make notes on the property yourself to keep track of properties you've called.
4. Understanding Moving Date
Within the List View, get to know some of the columns and what they represent. The most important columns worth noting are Moving Date and Phone Team Notes. This column holds the estimated time that the owner believes he/she will be making a move. There are 4 different values; 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-24 months.
5. Understanding Phone Team Notes
The Phone Team Notes column is where you get the most information. During our surveys, if the owner gives us any information that may be valuable you will find it here.
6. Exporting Data
Yes, this is possible. You can export the exclusive data you are subscribing for! Just selected the properties you want to export and click on the 'Export Selected' button. If you dont see some property data columns filled, that means we currently do not have it yet. We are always working on getting more and more data.