PredictedProperty Account
How do I log into my PredictedProperty account?
Click LOG IN on the upper right hand side of the Home Screen. Use the same email address and password you used to Sign Up.
I can't log in.
You probably forget your password. Type in the email address you used to sign up and then click “Forgot password” which is below the Sign In button. Reset instructions will be emailed to that email address.
Property search page
I can’t find the Property I am looking for?
The Property Search page is set up to find multiple properties by selecting the city of the property and then selecting more criteria. If you click the More Options button you can also search by a specific Property Address or PID number
I can’t find the Address I am looking for?
Type in the address slowly and wait to see if the address is suggested to you. For properties in Vancouver that includes directionals like East (E) or West (W), the directional will be after the street name. Example – 1425 71 Ave W
After a large search my property is not there or I don’t think all of the properties are showing?
Change from Map View to List View, see how many Properties are showing. If it is 1000 then your search has gone over the 1000 search limit. That limit is in place to speed up searches and prevent our system from slowing down. If you have reached that 1000 search limit either select more criteria on the left hand side by clicking More Options and selecting more criteria. Or in Map View you can click the Define Search Area button and then click on the map drawing a square. The total properties will then show in the selected area.
I keep getting the message - Your search did not provide a result at this time, please try another combination or contact customer service for assistance.
Click the CLEAR ALL button which is below the Map View/List View buttons and start over
What will make it easier to find the right property for me?
  • Use the different selection criteria on the sidebar to narrow down your results.
  • Use the sorting arrows next to the titles of the columns. Sort by Zone, Lot Size, Building Size, Total Tax Assessments, Opportunity Score etc.
How do I add properties to the Save Properties page?
You can add properties to the Save Properties page several ways. In List View you can click on the selection box and select Save Property or also click Save Property which is at the far right hand of the information. You can also click the Property marker in Map View and click the Save Property button or click Save Property on the properties detail page.
How can I remove properties from the Save Properties page?
Click Remove Property from the selection box on the page or at the far right hand of the information.
How do I add notes to my saved properties?
Click Add Notes from the selection box on the page or at the far right hand of the information.