What Is PredictedProperty

PredictedProperty is a place where Residential real estate professionals can learn more about their local market in order to make informed decisions when buying and selling property. By organizing all of the available information in an easy to access form we are creating more opportunities for buyers and sellers alike. Simply choose what type of property you are interested in and discover everything you need to make an informed decision.
Who We Are

Founded by a former real estate agent and development consultant, PredictedProperty has had humble beginnings as we have been figuring out how to convert our large database into an easy to use online system. We feel that by creating a system that helps users save time and increase their odds of success we are helping the entire local industry.
How to use PredictedProperty

Find Properties PredictedProperty makes it easy to find properties you are interested in researching or want to purchase.
Contact the Owner Finding out who owns the properties is possible by buying the information from the government. We purchase that data and provide it to our users instantly in a format they can use. All the information we gather is available to the public therefore we can not remove any information from our system.
Find out when Properties
have been Sold
We track sales of properties every day. Using our system, you can find out what is selling on any day of the week. Find out what sold TODAY.
What PredictedProperty Is Not

PredictedProperty is not a place for marketers or salespeople not involved in the real estate industry. The intent of this information is so legitimate buyers and real estate professionals can contact each other for the purpose of acquiring or disposing of assets. Any new user is screened and if determined that they are not in the Residential real estate industry or a viable purchaser for real estate they will be immediately removed. We take the privacy of the individuals in our database very seriously and will do our best to block non-industry people from using the site. Please note that we do not represent the individuals in our database nor are we suggesting that contacting these individuals will result in a sale. We do not assist or take part in the disposal or acquisition of real estate nor do we benefit financially in a sale of any property in our lists.
How not to use PredictedProperty

Contact Someone after They Have Asked You Not To We do not condone spammers or individuals who may abuse our system. If you have been asked not to contact someone in our database, place them on your Do Not Call list. If you feel that someone has contacted you after you have explicitly told them not to, please contact admin@predictedproperty.com and we will remove them from our system.
For any other Purpose other than to Facilitate the Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate We want to create a closed loop of professionals in the Residential Real Estate industry to make it easier for them to buy or sell property. That is the only purpose of this website and the information contained within the website. Any other use is strictly prohibited.